When Vision and Implementation Join Forces

Vision tells us where we’re heading.

Vision provides a compass, direction, and inspiration.

Vision engages and excites your congregation; it motivates your team, and reminds you why you got into ministry in the first place.

Vision is incredibly important to the strength and growth of your church.  Yet I’ve seen leaders frustrated with not seeing their vision come about quickly enough.  I’ve seen staff members exhausted from trying to implement a new program that supports the vision and wondering what went wrong.

Vision is powerful, but it’s a 30,000-foot view. In order for that vision to become reality, boots have to hit the ground and start implementing.  This is where I’ve seen ministries falter.  They have a great vision, but don’t know how to go from vision to strategy to goals to detailed tasks.  The same personality traits and leadership qualities that make a visionary leader so fun to follow are the same ones that can keep him from succeeding in the implementation.

Implementation requires attention to detail, swimming through the weeds yet not losing site of the tree line.

Implementation requires dogged determination and the ability to break down a huge goal into smaller, manageable tasks, then assign those tasks to people and keep track of all the details at all times.

The visionary leader and someone gifted in implementation have very different skillsets.  Put them together, help them understand each other, and once they’re in-sync, stand back and watch what they can accomplish as a team.  They’ll achieve a vision that glorifies God and draws people to Christ without wearing out themselves, their staff or volunteers. Now, that’s exciting to see.

Have you seen these two types of leaders work together?  What did that look like?