Top 5 Volunteer Scheduling Tools

Top 5 Volunteer Scheduling Tools to manage and schedule your volunteer staff

In any church organization, volunteers are the backbone that keep everything running smoothly. Without them, it would be hard to get much done, and done well.

Keeping track of these volunteers for weekly church services, fundraisers, and other special events can feel like a full-time job. If you’re still living in the Post-it Note and spreadsheet era of volunteer management, it’s time to find a newer, faster approach to volunteer scheduling.

These 5 Volunteer Scheduling tools will provide the ability to easily:

  • Manage volunteer sign ups and schedules
  • Create a member database
  • Coordinate event registration
  • Message groups
  • Collect donations
  • Save you time

Check out these top 5 online volunteer scheduling tools that will streamline the way you find volunteers for your church and how you manage them. 


A simple, user-friendly tool, allows volunteers to sign up for specific duties on specific days. It even has a filter feature, making it easy to see what shifts and positions have yet to be filled for certain events. If you’re looking for a “no-frills’ way to keep track of volunteers, this is the tool for you.
Price: is relatively inexpensive compared to other volunteer scheduling software. In the Basic, free version, SignUp offers several features, including unlimited emails and participants, simple shift swap, email delivery tracking and reminding, social media sharing, and more. If you need something with a bit more capabilities, however, the software also offers Starter ($9.99/month), Plus ($24.99/month), Max ($49.99/month), and Campus ($99/year) plans that come with unique functions like waiver uploads, increased organizer options, and custom URLs. Check out its packages for more details on what each plan can offer you.

2. Planning Center

Planning Center was designed with worship services in mind. This tool is a comprehensive church management software that allows you to plan and schedule all ministry activities in one space. You can even create a member database, manage member giving, and attach service rehearsal documents. It also allows you to upload detailed plans for each service, from what songs will be played to who the bandmates will be that day. You can use the Services feature on its own to handle volunteer scheduling or leverage it in addition to the other features of the Planning Center system.
Price: Planning Center comes with a 30-day free trial but no free version. Its pricing, which ranges from $14/month to $199/month, is based upon the number of team members who will be accessing the system. See the plans here to learn more.

3. Churchteams

Churchteams is a full software suite that helps you manage membership, groups, volunteers, event registration, contributions, email marketing, reporting, and other important data. One unique component of Churchteams is its Text-to-Church feature, which allows guests, members, volunteers, and church staff to directly interact with the database through texting. This software is leading the pack in workflow automation as well. It works to identify and map out workflows to help you automate your systems and procedures for consistent communication and follow ups with church members and guests.
Price: Like Planning Center, pricing for Churchteams is based on the volume of team members using it. They offer a free 30-day trial but after that packages begin at $37/month and go up to $297/month. More details on their various plans can be found here. 

4. VolunteerMark

VolunteerMark is making its mark in the volunteer management scene through its streamlined approach to recruitment, donations, scheduling, tracking, and communicating. The cloud-based software helps volunteers be more accountable for their commitments through a personalized dashboard where they can manage their events, reschedule, and communicate with volunteer leaders. You can create one-time events with unlimited shifts or create schedules as fixed or flexible based on need. There are a lot of possibilities for volunteer management with this intuitive program.
Price: In addition to a free trial for its more advanced packages, VolunteerMark also offers a free version, which allows you up to 50 users and three events per month. Pricing ranges from $34/month for its Basic package and goes up to $125/month for the Royale package. See the differences in features here.

5. SignUpGenius

SignUpGenius boasts an impressive 18 million users every month. With its user-friendly interface, it’s easy to see why. From school functions to church gatherings to family potlucks, SignUpGenius makes it simple to create sign ups, message groups, report accurately, and donate with a payment feature. The latter even allows you to track payment history and export to Excel for bookkeeping purposes.
Price: There is a Basic plan through SignUpGenius that is free for small groups, but to really maximize its potential, the software offers more comprehensive packages in Silver ($8.99/month), Gold ($22.49), and Platinum ($44.99) options. As the most inexpensive volunteer sign-up software on our list, SignUpGenius is a popular choice for both personal and professional functions.

For More Resources on Volunteer Management

The days of manual volunteer management are behind us. With today’s endless options for online volunteer support, there’s no reason to do it all yourself anymore. In fact, I even wrote a book about it. In The Volunteer Management Toolkit (Church Edition), I give step-by-step advice on developing and improving church volunteer programs. It comes complete with templates and firsthand knowledge of the unique challenges church leaders face when seeking to build a volunteer team. Invest the time now to streamline volunteer management so you can start putting your time into other areas of your church’s mission.

You can also find specific volunteer-related resources on my blog, in the Volunteer Essentials section.