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Volunteer Management Assessment & Coaching

Volunteers are vital to the success of weekly services and special events.  However, managing volunteers can be a unique challenge.  I’ve been on both sides of the volunteer equation as a volunteer and volunteer manager, so I know first-hand the challenges involved and can help you improve your volunteer program.

My Volunteer Management Assessment and Coaching Program is a perfect fit for a growing church that doesn’t quite have enough volunteers to support its current needs or additional growth.

Phase 1 – Volunteer Management Assessment

  • I’ll interview your staff to discuss how they currently recruit and work with volunteers.
  • I’ll survey your volunteers to gather their perspective.
  • I’ll request information regarding how many volunteers you have vs. how many are needed.
  • Once I have the above information, I’ll provide you with an assessment that will include detailed recommendations.

Once the assessment is completed, the coaching program is designed to help you implement each recommendation.

Phase 2 – Volunteer Management Coaching Program

  • I’ll provide you with a 3-month timeline for implementing my recommendations.
  • I’ll send weekly reminders and tips to your team.
  • I’ll provide you with a regular status update.
  • Your team will have access to me to troubleshoot specific issues.

Managing and working with volunteers can and should be a joy. My goal is to assist you in recruiting and retaining volunteers who are dedicated to serving your organization and impacting the community. Contact me to get started!