Top 5 Posts of 2015

As I’m considering my goals for 2016 and how best to serve the church, I’m taking a look back at the most popular posts from 2015.  Sometimes reflecting on what’s working provides great input on what to continue or improve upon.  Whether you’re seeing these for the first time or they’re already familiar to you, I hope these top five posts are encouraging and helpful.

#5: How to Recognize a Healthy Church

We all want our churches to be healthy, but what does that really look like?  In this post, I offer several key indicators of a healthy vs. an unhealthy church.

#4: 3 Keys for Recruiting and Assigning Volunteers

Every church needs a thriving volunteer team to make services successful.  From greeting to childcare, here are a few tips for finding and assigning volunteers to roles in which they’re most qualified and will enjoy.

#3: First Impressions Matter: 5 Areas to Spruce Up At Your Church

Like it or not, when first-time guests come to your church they’ll make certain judgements about your congregation based on the look of your church campus.  They’ll notice the little things, so perhaps it’s time for a bit of extra maintenance and cleaning.  Here are 5 key areas to review with fresh eyes.

#2: 5 Questions to an Improved Church Event Schedule

From marriage seminars to community outreaches, churches offer a variety of special events.  These events can be great ministry opportunities, but sometimes we end up doing the same events each year without considering the effectiveness of each or just flat out do too much.  Here are 5 questions to help you evaluate your church event calendar.

#1: 3 Ways Church Administration Supports Relationships

I know, we typically don’t think of “administration” and “relationships” as complementary terms.  However, when administration is done well it can foster deeper and more impactful relationships.