Time for a Makeover!

iStock_000016480452SmallSometimes a gal just needs a makeover and I’m no exception.  My main focus since launching Velocity Management Group has been to provide coaching services to church and ministry leaders.  However, the name of my company and content of my website haven’t adequately reflected that goal.  As a result, this makeover includes renaming my business to Velocity Ministry Management along with several changes to my website.


My mission is to serve ministry leaders by helping you achieve your God-inspired vision without burning out yourself, your staff, or volunteers.

My heart breaks for ministry leaders who are exhausted and frustrated with the workload and don’t see a way to make it better.  I can’t stand by and watch a God-inspired vision die or stall-out due to a lack of training, information or a little extra help.

My desire is to see your ministry grow and your vision become reality.  I want to see pastors, staff, and volunteers serving together and enjoying the journey.  Ministry is messy – hey, there are people involved! – but it doesn’t have to be so burdensome that it wears you or your family out.

If this resonates with you, contact me at 918-398-3822 or send me an email.  I would be honored to serve your ministry and look forward to working with your team.

In the meantime, check out the new-and-improved Velocity Ministry Management site especially the Ministry Consulting Services page.