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How to Prevent a Dysfunctional Vision

Vision is imperative. Senior pastors and church leaders need to know where they’re leading the church. A clear vision provides direction, motivation, and filters decisions. Clearly communicating the vision fuses incredible momentum into a church. However… Have you ever seen a vision become an idol? Not enough cash flow to fund the vision and no plan […]

Protecting the Vision Webinar

As someone in an Executive Pastor (or similar) role, you’re supporting and propelling the ministry vision of your Senior Pastor.  As your team moves forward with developing new programs, hosting various events, and more, one thing that could derail all that progress is risk. We’ve all heard about or read the news stories of churches […]

Actually, God is in the details

I’ll admit upfront that I’m a bit biased when it comes to this topic. As a writer and project manager, I tend to live and breathe details. Vision and big-picture strategy are definitely important (otherwise, I wouldn’t have any details to work on!) but those get all the press. Vision and strategy are much more […]

Ready is a Myth

When was the last time you felt completely prepared, fully equipped and totally supplied with everything you needed for a big endeavor? When was the last time you really felt ready? Maybe I should rephrase that: Have you ever felt completely, unequivocally ready? No? Well, then what’s wrong with you?! Everyone launching out into the […]

How to Kill a Vision Without Even Trying

Vision is exciting. It’s a new church in an underserved community. It’s helping parents raise up their children in the faith. It’s a big event with thousands of attendees praising God and being inspired. It’s hundreds of believers being taught, discipled, and equipped for ministry. Vision motivates your team. It inspires action in the midst […]