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4 Ways to Cultivate Leaders on Your Team

A significant aspect of leading your church involves cultivating the next generation of leaders within your staff.  As the church grows, your ability to directly impact individuals in the congregation is reduced.  You can’t talk to every person or conduct every hospital visit.  You have to depend on your staff to handle some of these […]

What your staff wishes they could tell you…

They’ve bought in to the vision.  They’re committed, dedicated, hard working, loyal and steadfast in their determination to help you succeed.  They come in early, stay late, and pour their energy into their work.  They’re also tired, discouraged, starving emotionally and desperately need to hear from you – their leader.  Your team needs to know […]

7 Ways to Improve Volunteer Communication

Sneezing, the sniffles, a persistent cough…these are all symptoms of an underlying infection.  Coming in late, not being able to answer a visitor’s questions, chatting with a friend instead of helping people find a seat…these are all symptoms of something as well.  In my experience as a volunteer and as a volunteer leader, these symptoms […]