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5 Statements To Lighten Your Leader’s Load

5 Statements to Lighten Your Leader's Load

In my last post, I encouraged leaders to ask their team members five potentially shocking questions. Today, I’d like to offer a few tips for team members on how to help their leaders. Leadership roles come with great responsibility and the burden of knowing your decisions can have a significant impact on people’s lives. Serving […]

5 Questions That Will Shock Your Team

5 Questions That Will Shock Your Team

What types of questions have you asked your team recently? When will you have that ready? Did you have enough volunteers? Why didn’t we get that video announcement finished on-time? Asking about progress and status of assignments are part of the normal rhythm when you’re leading a team. However, there are several questions that can […]

How to increase your team’s productivity


If you’re managing staff members at your church (or volunteers), you’re constantly looking for ways to be more effective and efficient.  One key contributor to a team’s productivity is whether each individual knows what’s expected of him (or her).  Click here for an article I wrote for Worship Facilities on how to set those expectations.

How your daily actions instruct your team

From an early age, we start observing those around us and learning from their actions. We pick up a local accent, develop a worldview, and see how those we respect handle difficult situations. Your team is no different. They’re learning from your day-to-day behaviors and habits. So, what are they learning? Do they see that […]

How to Crush Departmental Silos

  Have you ever been frustrated with another department at your church? Wondered why they just don’t “get it”? Ever considered that they might be feeling the same way about you? The phrase “departmental silos” refers to the lack of communication and understanding between departments that leads to inefficiencies, duplicate work, and a decline in […]

7 Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say

Beyond communicating strategic direction, imparting vision, and assigning projects, there are more everyday things that your team needs to hear from you. Fair warning: Some of these conversation starters are awkward and require you to be vulnerable with your team.  Hey, no one said leadership would be easy, right?  I challenge you to go ahead […]

What your staff wishes they could tell you…

They’ve bought in to the vision.  They’re committed, dedicated, hard working, loyal and steadfast in their determination to help you succeed.  They come in early, stay late, and pour their energy into their work.  They’re also tired, discouraged, starving emotionally and desperately need to hear from you – their leader.  Your team needs to know […]