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4 Productivity Tools You’ll Love

When you work behind-the-scenes in the church office, you’ve got plenty of plates spinning. Coordinating events, fixing a website issue, designing a flyer for the next outreach, plus a ton of other tasks are all in a day’s work. While I can’t reduce the length of your to-do list, I can recommend the following productivity […]

How to increase your team’s productivity


If you’re managing staff members at your church (or volunteers), you’re constantly looking for ways to be more effective and efficient.  One key contributor to a team’s productivity is whether each individual knows what’s expected of him (or her).  Click here for an article I wrote for Worship Facilities on how to set those expectations.

4 Ways to Increase Team Productivity

One of the challenges in ministry is that there’s always more work to do – and it’s unlikely that you can hire a small army anytime soon.  So, to assist you in dealing with that challenge, here are a few practical tips to help your team be even more productive: #1: Move electronic files onto […]

It’s your time to manage

Staff members at non-profit organizations are known for having too much to do and not enough time.  You’re probably wearing multiple hats – all of which are important.  So how do you keep the proverbial plates spinning without them falling onto your head?  Well, part of the solution is in how you manage your time. […]