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Stop Global Pew Warming

Do you sit in the same spot every week at church and get mad if someone “takes your spot”? Do you not talk to anyone at church outside of the awkward, “Meet someone new and give high-fives” time after worship?  Is Sunday morning the only time you see members of your church? I hate to […]

3 Keys to Thriving in Ministry

Ministry is messy – even in the back-office. Most people think of stretching ministry experiences involving leading a small group or praying with people at the altar as the most challenging.   However, those of us who have worked in the back-office know that administration is not always smooth sailing either. Administrators are often the ones […]

My Christmas Prayer for You

Christmas can be a puzzling time of year. It’s a joyous occasion for what and Whom we celebrate. It’s a time where the malls are packed and people dread dealing with that family member. It can be heart-wrenching for those who are missing loved ones or dealing with loss. In the midst of crazed holiday […]

Time for a Makeover!

Sometimes a gal just needs a makeover and I’m no exception.  My main focus since launching Velocity Management Group has been to provide coaching services to church and ministry leaders.  However, the name of my company and content of my website haven’t adequately reflected that goal.  As a result, this makeover includes renaming my business […]