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Hope Regardless of the Circumstances

I had something else planned to post today. It was something fairly light-hearted but hopefully still helpful as I just returned home from vacation. However, as I’ve watched the news the last few days and with the events in Baton Rouge on Sunday, I felt the need to share something different. I don’t often comment […]

Why Volunteers Quit

Before we moved, I attended the same church for about 13 years. I started serving early on by passing the offering bucket each week and then became a greeter. Eventually, church staff asked me to take on a few leadership roles. Volunteering at my church helped me connect with my church family. I made several […]

Heart Check Questions to Prevent Ministry Burnout

The first step in growing your church while preventing burnout is conducting a heart check. Not your physical heart, although if you’re really burned out that may not be a bad idea. I’m talking about your emotional, spiritual heart. What’s motivating you? What’s motivating within the context of church can get complicated. We’re working to […]

Healthy Relationships Cultivate a Healthy Church

Healthy relationships matter… You can implement the best time management strategies known to mankind. You can preach a masterful sermon or enthrall a room of preteens with a Biblical message. You can have a staff of extremely talented individuals who create the best worship sets, graphics, and social media engagement. You can have or do […]

Top 5 Posts of 2015

As I’m considering my goals for 2016 and how best to serve the church, I’m taking a look back at the most popular posts from 2015.  Sometimes reflecting on what’s working provides great input on what to continue or improve upon.  Whether you’re seeing these for the first time or they’re already familiar to you, […]

Read a Book During Your Coffee Break

We’ve all heard the saying that “Leaders are readers.” If you’re constantly pouring out what you know without taking in new material, your well of knowledge will eventually run dry. It’s not hard to convince people they should read more books; the challenge is finding the time. The folks at Ministry Library have created a […]

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