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The Untapped Power of Clear Expectations

It’s frustrating when you expect one thing and get another, right? Your volunteers didn’t handle children’s check-in how you needed them to or an employee totally misses what you’d intended for him to accomplish. What went wrong in those moments? Maybe your volunteers didn’t understand the instructions or your employee misinterpreted what you said. Regardless […]

3 Ways Church Administration Supports Relationships

Church administration tends to have a reputation for being all about tasks, planning and procedures. However, administration really is about developing, maintaining and safeguarding relationships. When you have a heart for ministry and a talent for administration, it’s easy for others to only see the “policy and procedure” side. You’re constantly reminding staff members to […]

How to Crush Departmental Silos

  Have you ever been frustrated with another department at your church? Wondered why they just don’t “get it”? Ever considered that they might be feeling the same way about you? The phrase “departmental silos” refers to the lack of communication and understanding between departments that leads to inefficiencies, duplicate work, and a decline in […]