Stop Global Pew Warming

Do you sit in the same spot every week at church and get mad if someone “takes your spot”?

Do you not talk to anyone at church outside of the awkward, “Meet someone new and give high-fives” time after worship? 

Is Sunday morning the only time you see members of your church?

I hate to break it to you, but if you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be a “pew warmer.”

Pew warming is a dangerous epidemic in churches across the country. People are sitting and (unless they’re buried in their iPhones) paying attention to the sermon then promptly forgetting what was preached by the time they’ve left the parking lot.

To save the climate in our churches, families, and communities, we must do something to stop this impending disaster and change the climate in our churches.

Okay, so I’m being a bit silly with this whole “global pew warming” thing but still…church isn’t something we go to on Sunday.

Church is supposed to be the Body of Christ. We gather in buildings to worship, hear the Word preached, serve others, and enjoy time with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Truly applying what we learn and living it out requires more involvement than sitting in a pew or a cushioned chair.

Attending church is an opportunity to establish or develop our relationship with God. However, far too many Christians warm a pew each week and that’s it.

Unfortunately, we don’t always demonstrate the love of Christ while driving down the road (ahem…what finger was that?), we may occasionally engage in unproductive arguments on social media, not make time to volunteer, or don’t really apply what we say we believe in our day-to-day lives. That’s a recipe for disaster – for us, for our families, community, and the church.

For individuals

I’ve developed incredible friendships and grown spiritually way more when I volunteer than at any other time. I’ve served alongside people who challenge, encourage, and cheer me on. I’ve prayed with them, laughed with them, and shared in their tough moments. Being an active, engaged member of my church has benefitted me greatly and I hope I’ve contributed something worthwhile to my church in the process.

For families

If Mom and Dad are taking their kids to church, serving with them whenever possible, and having fun with other families in the church, that’s a great way to help your family stay strong and get your kids to love the church.

If your marriage is rocky, it’s better to already be plugged in to a small group or have other couples you’re friends with who can offer you Biblical counsel and accountability. Don’t wait for a crisis to hit – develop strong friendships now and you’ll be able to help each other through the bumps in the road and celebrate each others successes.

For your community

Who do your local leaders look to when a natural disaster or other crisis hits your community? What does your community think of when they think about your church?

If you’re known for how well you love and serve, that’s going to attract more people to Christ than any single sermon.

For the church

Every church needs volunteers…greeters, childcare workers, ushers, parking lot team members, coffee bar folks (we LOVE this team, right?!), and more. Volunteers play a vital role in making services and events run smoothly. Pastors and staff members know how much they need committed, humble Christians to serve. When done with excellence (meaning you’ve trained volunteers, encouraged them, and they show up as promised), this is a winning situation for everyone involved.

Pew warming isn’t what we’re called to do as followers of Christ. Let’s stop warming pews and start living out our faith even in the mundane moments. Let’s apply what we read in the Word and what our pastor preached last Sunday. You don’t have to volunteer at every single event or feel like you’re living at the church. However, if you’ll make the time to participate in and contribute to your church you and your family will be better off as a result.