Running a ministry involves many of the same challenges that for-profit companies face with accounting, staffing practices, and the not-so-glamorous “back-office” administrative functions. Inefficient processes, unclear policies, or poor accounting controls can be devastating to any organization. I can work with your team to organize and streamline these areas so they can focus on ministry.


  • I’ll meet with your team to discuss any challenges you’re facing in running the back-office aspects of your ministry.
  • Based on our initial meeting plus 2-3 more detailed conversations, I’ll develop a list of recommendations.
  • You’ll receive a report that includes recommendations and a proposed timeline for implementation.
  • **Note: This consulting-only approach is best for ministries who are confident that they have the manpower necessary to implement the recommendations. ¬†Otherwise, I highly recommend adding the Implementation option.**

Consulting & Implementation:

  • This option includes all of the items listed above plus the following.
  • We’ll confirm the tasks, deadlines, and assignments required based on the recommendations and agreed prioritization.
  • I’ll send reminders to those responsible for specific tasks to keep them on-track.
  • I’ll be available via phone and email to answer any questions.
  • I’ll provide you with a weekly status update so you’ll know exactly how we’re progressing.

Call me at 918-398-3822 or send me an email today to get started.