Don't let your church end up in the headlines... for all the wrong reasons

Let's face it - with big vision and people involved, ministry is risky.

However, the potential for changed lives makes those risks definitely worth taking.

So how do you propel forward with your ministry vision while still protecting your church?  That's what I cover in this resource for church leaders.

You've seen the headlines...

  • Church volunteer accused of abusing a child
  • Pastor resigns over controversy
  • Trusted elder commits fraud and walks away with thousands

...but no one expects it will happen at their church.

Protect your church's vision with a comprehensive look at ten top risks church leaders face

Protect the Vision includes:

Risk Definition

What is the incident that could happen that would result in injury, damage, loss, or other negative outcomes?

Potential Outcomes

If this risk occurred, what would that mean to your church, victims, survivors, perpetrators, or the community?

Prevention Steps

This is where I list specific action you can take to prevent or greatly reduce the likelihood that this risk will occur.

Impact Reduction

We can't prevent every risk, but we can plan ahead to know how we'll respond should something awful happen.  Having a plan will help your church recover faster from whatever hits.

Tools & Resources

I've scoured my go-to experts for the best research and tools.  You'll receive downloadable templates to customize for your church's needs.

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Why is this book even necessary?

After all, we serve the God who created the universe and who knows the number of hairs on your head. Why do we need to plan for bad things to happen?

Here’s why:

We live in a fallen world where people can, intentionally or accidentally, put decades of ministry reputation in jeopardy within a matter of moments.

I’m not saying any of this to invoke fear. That’s not how our Savior instructs us to live. I’m mentioning this to invite you to protect the vision of your church. I believe the passion and ministry vision God placed inside the DNA of your church is too important to leave exposed.

Risk is a part of life, including a life in ministry. From floods and earthquakes, to social media firestorms, there’s plenty to watch out for in ministry.

In addition to seeking God’s direction and wisdom, there are many actions you can take to prevent and lessen the impact of the top risks facing churches today. These steps include having an emergency response plan, backing up electronic files, performing preventative maintenance on your facilities, and much more.

You’re probably already doing background checks on staff and on volunteers who serve around children. You likely have property insurance in-case of a natural disaster. However, do you have a succession plan developed for your senior pastor? Do your volunteers know what to do if the fire alarm goes off during service? Would panic ensue or would you be able to get everyone to safety and parents reunited with their children?

If you can’t answer “yes” to these questions, it’s time to make some changes.

The whole effort of preventing risks can be overwhelming.

You have weekly services to plan, events to coordinate, small groups to communicate with, and much more. Who has time to deal with evaluating risks and putting new procedures into place?

That’s why I created this resource – to make that whole process easier by giving you the information and tools needed to get started right away.

After working in risk management for a Fortune 500 company and serving with various churches, I have a first-hand view of how to apply risk management principles to protect the vision of church leaders. I’ve combined my own knowledge and experience, along with interviewing experts in various fields to develop a new resource for leaders seeking to protect your church and congregation.

Protect the Vision: A Practical Guide to Church Risk Management includes the following top risks church leaders face today:

Risk #1: Sexual sin, abuse, and misconduct

Risk #2: Theft, fraud, or mismanagement of church funds

Risk #3: Security & Safety Issues

Risk #4: Moral failure of senior leadership

Risk #5: Social Media and Public Relations Challenges

Risk #6: Staffing Issues

Risk #7: Lack of or Disengaged Volunteers

Risk #8: No plan for succession or institutional knowledge retention

Risk #9: Data loss or theft

Risk #10: Failing to proactively maintain church facilities

Don’t let these risks destroy the reputation, community, and ministry vision you’ve cultivated for years. Take action now to prevent and reduce the impact of these potential risks.

Protect the vision God entrusted to you

When you purchase Protect the Vision, you not only receive the eBook.  You ALSO get downloadable templates you can quickly put to use for your church.

Don't waste time and money starting from scratch. Buy Protect the Vision today and get a head start on protecting your church from unnecessary risk.