Protecting the Vision Webinar

As someone in an Executive Pastor (or similar) role, you’re supporting and propelling the ministry vision of your Senior Pastor.  As your team moves forward with developing new programs, hosting various events, and more, one thing that could derail all that progress is risk.

We’ve all heard about or read the news stories of churches who’ve dealt with the aftermath of a risk that came to pass.  A child abused by a volunteer.  A trusted elder committed fraud and stole thousands.  A deranged man opened fire and killed or injured people during service.  A tornado ripped the roof off the building and the church didn’t have insurance to cover the damage. Those moments are tragic and the damage can take years to repair, if that’s even possible.

Unfortunately, risks aren’t 100% preventable.  We can’t control the weather or prevent all accidents, and sometimes people are determined to sin regardless of the consequences.  However, there are practical steps you can take to greatly reduce the likelihood these risks occur or reduce the impact if they do occur.  Risk management is one important tool you must use to protect the vision of your church while you also strive to propel that vision forward.

A comprehensive risk management strategy takes work and consistent effort, but it doesn’t require a team of experts to get started or to enhance your current efforts.  I recently had the opportunity to share ten of the top risks churches face with my friends at Church Community Builder.  In this webinar, I provide an overview of each risk, potential outcomes if the risk occurred, tips to prevent that risk from happening, plus ways to lessen the impact should the risk occur.  Whether you already have risk management processes in-place or know you need to increase your efforts in this area, this webinar will provide you with practical tips to move forward.

Click here to watch the “Protecting the Vision” webinar.