Check out this new project management tool for churches

If you coordinate anything for your church…

Sunday services

Small group signups

Community outreaches

Baby dedications

…you’ve felt the strain of trying to manage all the details, tasks, and communication required when planning these events.

Spreadsheets, to-do lists, and emails fly around the office in an attempt to keep everyone on the same page (virtually, of course…the other would be dangerous). 🙂

We hold lots of meetings – some scheduled along with plenty of drop-in discussions at someone’s desk. It’s not exactly the most efficient way to go.

The overwhelming amount of details, meetings, and communication mishaps can lead to burning out both staff and volunteers. That’s why I wanted to learn more when Peter Berthold from RocoCPM approached me about his new application. Any technology or tool that can make the behind-the-scenes aspect of ministry easier is something I want to investigate.

I recently spoke with Peter as he provided me with a demo of this new application for churches. I was a project manager in the corporate world for several years and have helped churches plan events. All of that means I’m kinda picky (and critical) when it comes to project management tools.

Peter’s presentation impressed me for two reasons:

#1 – His heart for serving church leaders. He’s worked on-staff in various roles within the church, so he gets it firsthand.

#2 – When I mentioned a few improvement ideas, he either then showed me what I was looking for already in the application OR mentioned his team was already working on that feature.

I interviewed Peter to learn more about the heart behind this new application:

What is RocoCPM?

RocoCPM is first the project management application designed and tailored specifically for the church.  We’ve built a web-based application that is designed from the ground up to assist pastors, staff, and volunteers plan, communicate and delegate the “To do’s” of ministry like never before. 
 RocoCPM will be a church’s one-stop-shop for project management, inventory control, purchase request, budgeting and so much more.

Why did you decide to create this product?

We’ve created this app after experiencing and receiving much feedback on the various shortcomings in the way we as church leaders handle communication and delegation of work between pastor, staff, and volunteers.

We wanted to create a tool that allows information and communication to flow freely to a person if they are a full time staff member in the office or a vital volunteer team member getting updates when they get home from work.

Imagine not having to schedule a meeting, hunting through numerous emails, or waiting until the pastor was free to receive the information you needed to get your job done.

Imagine if all the information you needed was collected in one centralized place that you can access from anywhere at anytime.  Other secular companies are utilizing applications like these to increase their staff efficiency, productivity, and overall work morale with great success and we think its time for the church to have a tool of their own!

What makes RocoCPM different from other project management tools such as Asana or Basecamp?

What separates RocoCPM from other project management tools is that RocoCPM is built with tools that are tailored to support the operations and processes in a church environment rather then a corporate atmosphere.

Our goal will always be, first and foremost, to make RocoCPM a tool that understands and equips users who live and breathe ministry.

Since our main audience will be those in the life of ministry our upgrades, enhancements and future features will directly correlate from needs raised by their voices. No other app has the tools that cater to church employees and volunteers like RocoCPM, which does it with a price tag of free. That’s why we believe RocoCPM will be an absolute ministry game changer.

How can I get started with RocoCPM?

RocoCPM is a FREE app that you can start utilizing today by visiting and signing up at

As you can tell from his responses, Peter is passionate about how RocoCPM can serve the church. Now, I rarely mention products around here. I respect your time and only want to introduce you to tools I think could be beneficial. This isn’t a sponsored post, nor will I receive compensation if you sign up for RocoCPM. I’m simply introducing you to a tool you might want to consider for your church.

Concerned about trying a new tool?

If your church decides to sign up for RocoCPM I’m offering a free 1-hour planning session for the first 5 churches who contact me.

Why offer free consulting?

I consider this application to be very user-friendly.  However, if you’ve never used a project management tool it might have a bit of a learning curve. Since I think it could really save your church time, I want to invest in helping at least a few churches get started with this tool.

The best way to get started is to use the tool to plan your next event. That’s what we’ll address in this 1-hour session.

Here’s how to receive this free session:

  • When your church signs up for a RocoCPM account, send me a screenshot of the confirmation “Account Created” email you receive from RocoCPM.  You can keep the Username and Password out of the screenshot.
  • If you’re one of the first five to do so, I’ll reply to coordinate a time for your session. I’ll also send you a few questions to help us make the best use of our time together.

Also, I have a new church event planning resource coming soon.  Fill out the form below to receive a free Church Event Planning Questionnaire and updates about this upcoming resource.