Practicing what I preach

I’m definitely an advocate for taking vacation, getting rest, and taking care of yourself. Well, it’s time for me to do what I recommend you do. My husband and I are taking some time off. We’re staying close to home and will rest, enjoy time with family, and be a little lazy (hey, it’s vacation – lazy is allowed).

If you email me, please know that response times are going to be a bit delayed. I promise, I will get back with you. After all, I love hearing from you and want to help however I can. Other than that, I have posts scheduled to go out on Mondays as usual.

I usually have a bulleted list of tips or how-tos in my posts, so just for fun here are my requirements for an awesome vacation:

  1. Great company
  2. Minimal scheduling
  3. Comfortable and peaceful location
  4. Plenty of time to relax, rest, talk, play, and enjoy being with someone I love

I’ve got all that and more with this upcoming vacation, so we’re all set. I hope you have time carved out this summer to rest, recharge, and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. I’m all for serving faithfully and working diligently, but I’ve also learned (sometimes the hard way) that rest and fun are important too.