The One Thing You Can’t Forget This Easter

From planning for communion, social media promotions, door-to-door invitations, to maybe even an Easter Egg Hunt. We pack a lot into the week leading up to Easter and especially Easter Sunday.

It makes sense for this to be a big week for your church. After all, this is the week we celebrate the reason church exists…the death and resurrection of our Savior.

As you put the finishing touches on your sermon, services, and special events, I want to encourage you with a brief story:

The Sunday morning service my husband and I attended yesterday included a sermon about Passover. The pastor had the children who would normally go to “big kids church” stay in the service and sit in the front. As he told us about each aspect of the Passover meal, he had the kids helping him. They tasted the unleavened bread and he washed a little girl’s feet. He mentioned the symbolism of the Passover meal and helped us understand what it meant to the Jewish people. There were no stage lights, dramatic plays, or video clips. It was a simple message. Yet it was also a powerful message.

There’s nothing wrong with creating a big production for Easter. If that’s what will best capture the attention of those in your community and your church can pull it off, go for it.

However, in the midst of sound checks and stage cues, don’t forget this one thing:

The message of the cross is simple enough for a small child to understand and still powerful enough for a skeptical adult to be convinced.

Send out teams to invite, publish posts on social media, and host a fun event for the kids. Those efforts get people to church where you can deliver what they really need…the Gospel message. Present the Gospel, plant the seeds, and continue to water them in your community.

I’m praying you have an incredible week celebrating the resurrection of our Savior.