Merry Christmas!

It’s here…the week before Christmas.  The week of final preparations, lots of prayers, and hopefully not too many stressful moments.  As you hit the homestretch, please take a moment to breathe and trust God to use your efforts for His glory.  He knows what resources you did or didn’t have this year.  He used a boy’s lunch to feed over five thousand people.  He can definitely use whatever your church had to work with to reach people with His message.

When families come into services this week, try to take a moment and scan the crowd.

You may see many unfamiliar faces…people who feel compelled to attend church at Christmas.  Pray their hearts would be open to the message.  

You’ll also see faithful church families and many volunteers.  It’s good to be with family and co-laborers for Christ.  

You’ve worked hard to make all the arrangements, set up decorations, craft a message, practice the worship set, order candles, print bulletins, coordinate volunteers, and much more.

Thank you for providing a wonderful environment for your community to celebrate Christmas.

My prayer is for services to go smoothly, that people come to Christ, and that you’re able to enjoy Christmas with your family and get some much-needed rest.

From my family to yours…Merry Christmas!