Making Vision Happen

Making 2020 vision happen

While vision is where change and improvement begin, it’s only the starting line.  To turn a vision into reality, there must be a plan and effort put into executing on that plan. 

We can’t have one without the other. 

There’s no point in planning without a clear goal or vision in mind. 

A vision is only a motivating idea without a plan to make it happen.

A quick word about what planning isn’t

Planning does not mean you stop trusting God with the vision.  It doesn’t mean you stop praying or that you don’t still need His wisdom and help.  Taking the time to plan simply means you’re putting faith into action.

So what IS planning?

Planning is where the rubber meets the road.  This is where you take the ministry vision God gave you and identify practical steps to make it happen. 

Planning involves talking with your team to determine what tasks are necessary to launch small groups or renovate the sanctuary.  It involves documenting tasks, assigning an owner to each task, setting deadlines, and holding people accountable to meeting them.

How does planning support ministry vision?

Do you need more volunteers to serve on Sunday mornings?  Have you had issues retaining volunteers? If so, you might need to develop a plan for volunteer recruiting and retention. 

Is your church campus looking a bit run-down?  Are you dealing with unexpected repairs? You might need a facility maintenance plan.

Are you going to host several events this year?  If so, do you know when and how to pull off each event successfully?  An event plan with a team assigned to each will help ensure those events support your ministry vision.

These are a few examples of how planning can support and propel your ministry vision forward.  This year, I’m going to focus on one planning topic per month. We’ll provide you with tips, instructions, and practical ways to turn your ministry vision into reality.  From volunteers to church management software and more, we’ll offer resources that will make planning ministry more effective and less stressful. I’m excited to share these resources with you and look forward to hearing how you leverage them to make vision a reality in 2020.

Next month, we’ll address planning events.  With Easter right around the corner, now is the time to prepare.