How to Kill a Vision Without Even Trying

www.geodun.comVision is exciting.

It’s a new church in an underserved community.

It’s helping parents raise up their children in the faith.

It’s a big event with thousands of attendees praising God and being inspired.

It’s hundreds of believers being taught, discipled, and equipped for ministry.

Vision motivates your team.

It inspires action in the midst of seemingly impossible odds.  We crave vision.  We need a big “why?” to get us to make sacrifices of our time, talent, and energy.  Vision is fuel.

 Vision can also self destruct.

We get so excited about what can be that we neglect reality.  We overlook the work that’s required to make that vision materialize.  The drudgery and consistent faithfulness involved to make plans, cross off to-do items, make purchases, negotiate with vendors, recruit and train volunteers, hire staff, reconcile bank statements, and monitor budgets.

Vision blinds us if we’re not careful.

Vision is a gift God provides to inspire us to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  The step after vision is where our feet come back down to earth and we start walking.  One step at a time towards the goal we see so clearly in our minds.  God gives us vision and He also provides us with wisdom to know what steps to take next. Strategy, planning, measuring our progress, and faith that God has given us this vision help us arrive safely at our desired destination without dragging our exhausted, discouraged selves along the way.

Serving God requires sacrifice.  It requires our time, talent, and energy.  There will be plenty of obstacles to overcome.  However, I’ve seen too many unnecessary sacrifices made due to a lack of planning and preparation.  Caused by leaders who came down from vision and started sprinting.  They didn’t pause even for a moment to decide which direction to run or to survey the land in front of them.  They just ran.

Please stop!  You’re hurting yourself, your team, and even the people you’re trying to serve.  The vision is enticing and we can’t wait too long.  However, if we’ll pause briefly to thank God for the vision, ask for wisdom, and give thought to our ways, we’ll be able to run in the right direction with our team intact.

Vision is vital and it keeps us going.  Planning protects us from rework and backtracking.  It helps us arrive at the vision’s destination with energy left over to rejoice and enjoy the fruit of our labor.  Vision and planning aren’t enemies – they are partners in our journey.