How to invest in your staff without blowing your budget

If your team is anything like the ones I’ve seen with my clients, they’re dedicated to the vision of your church and work hard to see it succeed.  They’re willing to go the extra mile on a regular basis to reach people with the Gospel and make disciples.  I’m sure you’d love to invest in your staff but maybe the budget just isn’t there to do something big.  Thankfully, there are several ways you can develop your team without breaking the bank.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

#1: Read a book together each quarter and discuss what you’re learning in staff meetings

Find a great book that would be helpful for your team and give them deadlines for reading certain chapters.  They can borrow a copy from the library or go ahead and purchase the book.  Develop questions to spark conversation with the team, and then discuss a few chapters each month at a staff meeting.  This is a great way to learn as a team plus get each person thinking about how to immediately apply the information.

#2: Attend online webinars as a team

Many online webinars are fairly inexpensive and often allow you to purchase one “seat” while letting your team gather around the big screen to watch together.  You can find webinars on a variety of topics such as church communication, leadership, volunteer management, etc.  Once you’ve watched the webinar, discuss what you learned together to decide how to apply those takeaways in your church.

#3: Ask each team member about his/her career goals and help develop a plan to achieve them

Take the time to learn what each team member would love to achieve in his/her career.  Maybe they want to grow in leadership and have a team of their own.  Perhaps they’re interested in working in another ministry department of the church someday.  Find out and then help them develop a plan to get there.  They’ll appreciate your interest in their dreams and willingness to help them reach those dreams. 

#4: Ask a team member to find an article on a particular topic, then distribute it to the team and discuss it at the next staff meeting

There are several great blogs (ahem!), articles, and information available for free online.  Assign a different team member each month to research various topics and provide 1-2 articles to send out ahead of the next staff meeting for discussion.  Have that same team member lead the discussion to help develop each individual’s leadership and facilitation skills.

#5: Establish a mentoring program where more seasoned staff members train newer ones on specialized skills/tasks

Do you have an incredible graphic designer on your team plus 1-2 others with potential who’d love to develop their skills?  Give them time during the workday for your more skilled team member to teach them.  You’ll end up with more people who can do that type of quality work and they’ll appreciate you for providing them with the opportunity.  The same principle applies for skilled administrators, project planners, worship leaders, etc.

These are simple, low/no-cost ways to invest into your team members as they go the extra mile in serving the church. You may not be able to send them to multiple ministry conferences in exciting locales, but you can still help them develop as leaders in their respective areas.  In doing so, you’ll gain more skilled, engaged team members who recognize that their leaders value them as individuals.  That’s a win for you, them, and your congregation. 

How do you invest in your team?