How to Follow Up with Guests After Easter

Giving Envelopes and Connection Cards

Due to your church’s careful planning, Easter Sunday brings a packed sanctuary every year. Rejoice in the fact that so many people want to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection, while also remembering that a full Easter service isn’t the ultimate goal. What’s even better is bringing those attendees back for more. One way to keep the momentum is to follow up with first-time guests. Here’s how to establish a follow-up system to ensure no one falls through the cracks after Easter.


Step #1 – Decide How to Gather Information

You were able to get them there, now you want to keep them there. First, you’ll need to figure out a system on how to gather contact information from your Easter guests. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that:

  • Connect cards that they fill out and hand in during the offering or after Easter service
  • Create a mobile app (an electronic connect card) specifically for your church
  • Use a text service to have guests text a designated number to fill out an online connect card


Step #2 – Decide What Information to Gather

It’s best to keep this step as simple as possible. Instead of asking for their life history, stick to the basics. Whether paper or electronic, your request forms should include:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number


Step #3 – Record Information in Your Church Database

Next, you’ll need to get this contact information recorded into your church ChMS or other database. If you used paper forms to collect this information, we recommend you get a few volunteers to come in the Monday after Easter to enter the data. The sooner this happens, the better — as you will want to reach out to your guests before the following Sunday service.


Step #4 – Create the Follow-up Procedure

You have their info, now what? Here are a few options:

  • Send a mass email to all Easter guests inviting them to come back the following Sunday. This is also a good opportunity to highlight special events you have coming up or how they can get into a discipleship program.
  • Send a mass text message inviting them to come on Sunday for a new series entitled, “<insert title here>”.  
  • Did they provide a phone number but prefer no text messages? Invite these guests with a phone call, mentioning that this is a great time to get to know the church leaders, ask questions about faith, and learn more about the church.


Step #5 – Pray for Your Guests

The final step is the most important one. Pray for your guests. Pray that they have a desire to come back to your church. Pray that God will put in their hearts a calling for worship. Pray that you will be given the opportunity to water the seeds that were planted on Easter Sunday.


It’s easy to get distracted by Easter service preparations that we sometimes neglect to connect afterward. That’s why being intentional about the follow-up process gives us a better chance at ensuring guests feel welcomed and wanted.