3 Hidden Costs of Church Events

Hosting events throughout the year is how many churches are able to expand their reach within communities. Church events allow a unique space for fellowship and a chance to share the Word of God outside of Sunday’s service. From Vacation Bible School to marriage retreats to Christmas concerts to Easter celebrations, churches have plenty to […]

What Does an Event Planner Do?

What Does an Event Planner Do

If your church hosts several events throughout the year, it might be a good idea to designate one person as the main event planner. By having an experienced event planner in charge, you’re able to avoid the headaches that can sometimes arise with events. For example, do any of these sound familiar?   A lack […]

What to Include on a Church Event Request Form

Are you responsible for planning events at your church? If so, there are several pieces of information you’ll need before getting started. To compile those details, reach out to the ministry department (or senior leader) who’s hosting the event with a simple, yet comprehensive event request form. Having a standard form to use in gathering […]

Top 5 Event Registration Tools

When it comes to planning church events, long gone are the days of handwritten signup sheets and manually entering attendees into databases. With the use of online forms, you can now refocus your church’s attention to creating an impactful event for guests. So if you’re gearing up for your next planning session, first check out […]

How to Gather Feedback from Volunteers

For most nonprofit and church organizations, recruiting volunteers is crucial to the success of your mission. Though a lot of time and money go into this recruitment process, it’s not always enough to keep those volunteers helping long term. It’s a discouraging challenge I see so often in church environments. Learning how to gather feedback […]

How to OnBoard and Train Your Volunteers

When it comes to pulling off a successful church event, volunteers are an absolute necessity. If many hands make light work, then too few hands make heavy work. As a church leader, you don’t have the time to be doing all the heavy lifting yourself. That’s why recruiting volunteers is so important. The problem with […]