Nonprofits Serving Together

After seeing the tornado damage on the news and hearing how so many nonprofits are working together to serve the people impacted, I had to do something.  I wanted to help and to see for myself how things were going.  So on Monday I went to Shawnee, OK with a group of volunteers from Guts […]

Leaders Listen for the Train

My first day on the job was fairly typical.  I got my badge, computer and was getting things setup in my new work area when a loud noise took me by surprise.  Now, if I had been working on the first floor then a loud honk or noise wouldn’t be unusual.  However, I was on […]

A Review of Start by Jon Acuff

Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters, for many weeks.  His previous book, Quitter, was excellent and helped me as I was planning to exit my day job for my dream job.  I dove right in last week and was laughing along and nodding in agreement through the first few […]

Leading through Rapid Growth

We’re all seeking to grow the reach and capabilities of our organizations.  That’s a good thing! However, have you considered what might happen if you grow too quickly?  I recently wrote this post for the Lead Change Group’s blog and wanted to share it with you.  The Lead Change Group was launched by Mike Henry […]

Volunteers & The Head/Heart Connection

Think of your top volunteers – those people who are committed, consistent and always willing to serve.  What attracted them to serve at your organization?  Was it your sign-up sheet?  Nah.  Maybe it was your training process.  Hmmm…that doesn’t seem right either.  Even without knowing anything about your organization, I feel safe in guessing that […]

‘Fire, Ready, Aim!’ No More

Warning to visionary and creative individuals: You may not like this post.  In fact, you probably already don’t like it just after reading the title!  Here’s the deal: I’m really not trying to pick on you. I’m trying to help you take your incredible ideas from concept to reality in the most expedient and least […]

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