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Are you looking for solutions to grow your church while maintaining healthy margins?

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Hey there! 

While we haven't met, if you work at a church there are a few things I'm pretty sure apply to you.

Your plate is fact, it's overflowing. You have way more on your to-do list than hours in the week and everything feels urgent and important.

You felt God leading you to work on church staff to serve Him and His church. However, right now you're so overwhelmed that it's hard to see the ministry for all the tasks you're trying to complete.

What you'd love is to see people come to know Christ, to grow in their faith, to develop healthy relationships, and thrive as a follower of Jesus.

You want that in addition to being home on-time for dinner, playing with your kids, taking your spouse out for date night, exercising regularly, and having a strong relationship with God yourself.

Right now it feels like these are competing priorities and you'd love to find a way for that to not be the case.

Here’s the good news…ministry doesn’t have to be this way.

You can have a growing church AND a life with healthy margins.

I’ve felt that tension in ministry. I’ve had challenging experiences both as a staff member and as a volunteer. Long hours with little to show for it led to disillusionment and burnout.

I’ve always been a problem-solver, so I set out to discover an approach that frees up time for church leaders to think, plan, dream, and do ministry.

This journey took some interesting turns.

I worked for an international consulting firm and a Fortune 500 company doing consulting, project management, and risk management.

I led various teams while managing crazy deadlines, conflicting priorities, a lack of resources, and tight budgets (sound familiar?!).

Today, I’m using my experiences in ministry and in the corporate world to help church leaders grow their churches while maintaining healthy margins.

Are you ready to get off the path that leads to burnout and onto the path that leads to a healthy leader AND a healthy church?  

I can help you get there - let's talk: 

These two eBooks include a step-by-step process PLUS templates you can quickly customize for your church:

Your volunteer how-to guide

Are you wondering if enough volunteers will show up on Sunday? Don't let another week go by without generating some momentum in your volunteer program.

In this toolkit, I'll help you prepare for, recruit, assign, train, and retain volunteers.

Keep your congregation safe

With big vision and people involved, ministry is risky. How do you propel forward with your ministry vision while still protecting our staff, volunteers, and congregation?

That's what I cover in this resource for church leaders. From background checks to emergency planning and more, it's time to deal with potential issues before they happen.

On a more personal note...

My motivation is seeing leaders thriving with a healthy church and a healthy life.  Ministry is challenging...that won't change.  However, I'm convinced it's possible to lead a growing church without burning out yourself, your staff, or your volunteers.  It's my mission to help you make that a reality.  

As far as my background goes, well, I'm originally from Oklahoma.  However, I currently live Iowa.  

My husband and I married in 2014.  We joined the parenting ranks with a baby girl in 2017, a baby boy in 2019, and have a German Shepherd who might be a tad bit spoiled.