Practical resources for busy church leaders

You've got a full to-do list...and some of those tasks don't exactly fall under your actual job description.  

Let me help with coaching and resources to make those efforts easier and less stressful.  

Big Event Success for Churches Online Course

Too often planning events involves late nights at the church and a last minute scramble to get everything done.  It doesn't have to be that way.  I can teach you my proven, practical process to planning successful (not stressful) church events.  


Plan impactful church events

Create impactful events that grow your church without wearing out your team.  

Save time and money with this event planning toolkit.

Your volunteer how-to guide

Don't let another week go by without generating momentum in your volunteer program.

In this toolkit, I'll help you prepare for, recruit, assign, train, and retain volunteers.

Protect your congregation

With big vision and people involved, ministry is risky. How do you propel forward with your ministry vision while still protecting our staff, volunteers, and congregation?

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