How your daily actions instruct your team

From an early age, we start observing those around us and learning from their actions. We pick up a local accent, develop a worldview, and see how those we respect handle difficult situations. Your team is no different. They’re learning from your day-to-day behaviors and habits.

So, what are they learning?

  • Do they see that you manage your time effectively?
  • Do you know when to let loose and have fun at work or are you always serious?
  • Do you stay late on a regular basis or do you make it a priority to be home at a reasonable time most evenings?
  • Do you consistently meet deadlines and keep commitments or do they wonder if you’ll come through this time?
  • Are your moods unpredictable and fully dependent on how a service or event went that week or are you calm even when circumstances are chaotic?
  • How do you react to feedback (both positive and negative)?
  • Are you open to new ideas? Do you publicly praise your team and share the credit?

Part of leadership is recognizing that those following are watching how you conduct yourself. Your daily decisions, behaviors, and actions teach them more than any speech or directive.

Take a few moments to consider this question:

“If I was working for me, what would I learn from my actions?”

Then, ask your team and peers what they’ve observed or learned from you. Take what you discover and consider whether you need to make any adjustments. You may find that your team is learning great things or perhaps they’re picking up a few bad habits from you. Either way, you’ve learned what’s going on and can react accordingly.

The good news is you can have a profoundly positive impact on your team simply through your behavior and reactions. The opposite is also true, so choose wisely.

What have you learned from your leaders?