COVID-19 Reopening Insights

Scott Baker is the Executive Pastor of The Bridge in Bixby, Oklahoma. VMM did consulting work for The Bridge in 2014 and has kept in contact with Scott ever since. The Bridge has worked diligently to reopen carefully as their community leaders lifted COVID-19 restrictions. 

In an interview for The Church Operations Toolkit, we discussed how they planned their reopening and what that process has looked like.

Here are 5 key insights from our discussion:

#1 – Planning must be more detailed and flexible than usual

Plan carefully and be ready to adjust plans as conditions change.

#2 – You’ll need more volunteers

If you intend to restart children’s ministry, you’ll need more people to help children stay separated as much as possible. You’ll also need volunteers to clean and disinfect surfaces between services. Unfortunately, the number of available volunteers may be impacted as some are at greater risk of the virus or don’t feel comfortable returning to church yet. 

#3 – Get creative with communication

Facebook Lives, pre-service hosts for online services, panel discussions, and more are ways to keep the congregation informed.

#4 – Focus on what’s most important

Scott mentioned that this situation has helped their team become more effective and efficient. They’re constantly reevaluating things and view this experience as a “purifying kind of fire.”

#5 – Extend lots of grace

As Scott mentions, people are under a lot of stress right now. Normalcy has been thrown away and we don’t know when (or if) “normal” will return. Offer others grace and ask they extend it to you as well as your team seeks to make tough decisions.

Those are just a few highlights from my discussion with Executive Pastor Scott Baker. Click here for the full transcript to learn more from his church’s experience.

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Obviously, dealing with COVID-19 is a very fluid situation. As we learn more about this virus, how it spreads, and what mitigation steps have the greatest impact, we may need to adjust our approaches. This interview provides one church’s perspective and how they’ve navigated this highly unusual situation.