5 Questions for a Church Tech Check-up

church tech

Whether you’d consider yourself tech savvy or not, technology is a key component of running your church that you can’t afford to ignore. Thankfully, you don’t have to get an IT degree to ensure you have a solid system in-place.

Here are five questions to ask your team for a church tech check-up:

#1: Are our documents safe?

Are your church’s electronic documents saved on employee’s personal computers, a church internal network, or a church cloud account? Are those files backed up on a regular basis? Could you get to them if something happened to the computer or your church office? Do you have virus protection software installed on your church’s network? Those documents aren’t easy to recreate, so take time now to keep them secure.

#2: What are we using and why?

How many software applications or online tools are you using? Does your team have to enter the same information multiple times to get it into different systems? Maybe it’s time to reevaluate what you’re using and find better tools that can handle multiple functions.

#3: Who’s here?

Do you know who attends your church including their contact information, donation records, where they’re serving, what small group they’re in, etc.? You need a church database and church communication tool (no, a spreadsheet won’t cut it for long). This purchase won’t be cheap, so take the time upfront to document what you need the software to do and how you’ll use it. Don’t just consider how you’ll use it today – think about what you’ll need as your congregation grows and find software that can scale with you.

#4: Who’s speaking on behalf of our church online?

People expect their church to be active on social media. Whether it’s a Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter account, they’re looking to connect with their church online as well as in-person.

Social media is a great tool to connect current members and attract new people to your church. However, it can quickly backfire if you’re not intentional about who has access to post on behalf of your church and what they’re allowed to post. Provide clear guidelines on the types of posts, what kinds of pictures they can post, the frequency of posts, whether you’ll delete inappropriate comments from others on your social media accounts, etc.

#5: What does our virtual front door look like?

When was the last time you updated the design of your website? Does it reflect the culture and values of your church? Who is responsible for updating content on your website? Do you have an event calendar, links to social media channels, a link to recent sermons, etc.? Develop a strategy for maintaining and refreshing your site.

Technology is an incredible tool we can leverage to spread the Gospel, make disciples, and connect our members to each other. However, we need to plan ahead and stay up-to-date as technology changes at a rapid pace.

What other techie questions have you considered with your team?