Fill Your Church to Capacity at Event Event

Introducing a proven, practical process for churches to host events that make an impact long after the audience leaves the room.

Every meeting, every decision, and every ounce of energy you pour into your church events is all to...


You've seen how God uses events to transform lives - you've even played a role in these events. Marriages repaired during seminars, neighbors compelled to return to church after a festival, and men and women stepping into leadership for the first time through an equipping event.

Hosting events provides your church with an opportunity to invite people into spiritual growth and maturity. However, events can also drain your staff of time and require massive amounts of relational and monetary investment.

Church leaders just like you have been searching out ways to create incredible events that have Kingdom impact without wearing out your team.  


Church leaders across North America share many of the same church event frustrations.

Do you feel that your church isn't accomplishing all it could at your events?

Do you find yourself saying 'no' to major outreach and discipleship opportunities each year because of the costs?  

Are you convinced that your church would grow, that people would mature, and the kingdom would expand if you could only say 'yes' to more Christ-centered events each year?

Your instincts are right! Events attract people to your church and help them connect with believers. 

In a survey by EventBrite, 36% of those surveyed said they want their congregation to hold more events.  In addition, 49% said it's easier to invite their non-believing friends to an event than to a worship service.  Events make an impact and are an important tool for spreading the Gospel and developing disciples.​

Do you refuse to play the "last minute game" for the next big event on your calendar?

The most successful events have one thing in common - successful planning. Your staff wants to pull off incredible events. Your congregation is willing to serve and participate in them. Your community is ready. You're trusting God for wisdom on which events to host. All that is lacking is a proven plan that leaves you with days to spare instead of minutes to go and hours of work to do.

Wondering what a successful event plan looks like? You're invited to learn what you wish you'd known years ago (before all the long hours and stress) and step into the Church Event Planning Course - click the button below to register now.​

Still feel like a better plan and more efficient scheduling won't help? Read on.

Do you find yourself wondering...

  • Will we actually fill up the room?
  • How will we balance the extra workload when we're already maxed out?
  • Where will we find enough volunteers to pull this off?
  • How can we sustain Sunday services and develop our congregation while investing in our community through events?
  • How will we effectively promote this event?  
  • What if attendance actually shrinks in size from our previous event?

I get it.  I've been there.

I've worked in ministry and in the corporate world.  After spending several years as a project manager, I realized that the same principles I used to lead multi-million dollar corporate projects could work well for churches as they planned their events.  

From 1,000 people at a ladies' brunch to nearly 10,000 at a large outreach, this process works well for events of various types and sizes...and it can work for your events too.

I can't stand seeing church staff members and volunteers exhausted by event day.  Yes, it's hard work but it IS possible to host incredible events without wearing everyone out.  This process helps you save time and money so you can finish the event strong.

If you were the only church leader who ever thought these things, you’d feel pretty alone and frustrated.

But you’re not alone. Church leaders just like you have been there - and decided that the risks of growth and outreach events were worth the reward.

Their fears were real - but so was the potential for life change!

In the past you’ve had to put up with...

  • Setting the security alarm since you're the last person to leave the office.
  • Sitting in front of your computer for hours, answering a never-ending stream of emails.
  • Writing everything down on sticky notes, trying to make sure you don't forget anything (then trying to locate all those notes to get them organized).
  • Attending way too many meetings where not nearly enough gets done.
  • Wondering if all this work will really pay off.

It's not a lack of effort, desire, or passion to succeed.  

It's simply needing a proven process so you can apply it to each event.

Let me show you how.

My event planning process transforms the late nights, sticky note piles, email craziness, and ineffective meetings into a system that allows you to not only enjoy planning events, but also gives you the opportunity to have fun at them too!

From "hey, let's do this event" to "wow, that was AWESOME!", you can use this process to plan incredible events at your church.

That's the process I reveal in my latest book, The Church Event Planning Toolkit. However, I'm not stopping there. I know it's not always easy to take something you read in a book and apply it to your church's unique culture and structure. That's why I'm offering a course to walk you through the event planning process AND guide you in applying it to your church.

  • Marriage seminars
  • Ladies' Brunches
  • Easter Services
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Summer Camp
  • Fall Festival
  • Thanksgiving Outreach
  • Volunteer Appreciation Night
  • Small Group Launch
  • Christmas Services​

Any event you can think of...You'll discover how to plan each of these events in less time and do more with the resources you've been trusted with.

I've spent over 10 years and thousands of dollars learning the practices that successful leaders apply to planning their events.  I'd love to share that knowledge with you so your events can be even more successful without wearing out your team.

Here's what will enable you to transform your church's events:

Video Lessons

In each video lesson, I'll cover a step in the event planning process and provide examples on how to apply it to your next event. 


Stay plugged in via a private Facebook Group for program participants.  I'll jump in with tips, reminders, and to answer your questions.

Event Planning Tools

There are many tools that can make event planning easier. I'll share my favorites along with practical tips on how to start using each.

Project Planning Tips

Creating a project plan isn't a small task. I've created plans for small events up to multi-million dollar projects, so I have several time-saving tips to share with you.

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