Communication, Leadership, & Hair on Fire…

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dave Shrein on the Church Marketing Podcast.  Dave and I met via Twitter and have enjoyed discussing the unique challenges and opportunities involved in church communication, planning, leading volunteers, and more.

Here are several highlights from the podcast:

  • Should church ever be run like a business? Should we even use that word?
  • We need to be careful about using insider church language.  People will filter what we say through their own worldview.
  • Make sure volunteers know they’re viewed by staff as co-laborers in ministry and not as free labor.
  • Communication has to be about our audience; not about us.
  • Present your message in a way your audience is ready to receive.
  • You’re never gonna make everyone happy.  **Simple truth right there, folks!**
  • How can we find great volunteers and place them in roles where they can thrive?
  • New believers who are volunteering are likely to see God and their relationship with Him through the lens of how you treat them.
  • In order to have the time and energy to truly invest in our relationships, we need to take a longer view and plan out events/services months in advance.  You can’t be running around with your hair on fire all the time (yes, that’s a direct quote…).

All that and much more is in the podcast.  You can listen to it on iTunes (select The Leadership & Volunteer episode on 3/2/15) or download the MP3 here.

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