My Christmas Prayer for You

Christmas can be a puzzling time of year.

It’s a joyous occasion for what and Whom we celebrate.

It’s a time where the malls are packed and people dread dealing with that family member.

It can be heart-wrenching for those who are missing loved ones or dealing with loss.

In the midst of crazed holiday shopping, family-induced anxiety, and making travel plans, churches across the world provide an anchor.  Your work reminds us all to pause amidst the holiday frenzy to focus on the one gift that truly matters – our Savior.  You may have spent the last few months preparing for a Christmas production or candlelight service.  Whatever your church does to celebrate Christmas, please know that your efforts have a lasting impact.

Thank you for providing a church family for those who may not otherwise have family. 

Thank you for creating a community where people know they’re loved and valued. 

Thank you for investing the time and energy required to offer Christmas programs and candlelight services. 

My prayer for you is two-fold…

That God uses your service to rescue more of His children.

That you’re able to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones…laughing, relaxing, and enjoying their company.

 Merry Christmas!