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A strong volunteer program increases your church’s ability to have a greater impact, develop disciples, and build a leadership pipeline.

3 Keys for Recruiting and Assigning Volunteers

Congratulations! You’ve decided what your ideal volunteer team looks like, identified what motivates them, and considered why folks may want to serve in your church (in case you missed it, here’s my previous post). The next step is to start recruiting and then connecting new volunteers to roles that combine their interests and energy with […]

Components for Committed Volunteer Teams

Looking for more volunteers who’re faithful and excited to serve?  Consider the following: Are you offering a compelling vision? Do you communicate clearly and often? Are you prepared for them with the supplies and information they need to be successful? Are you investing in them as individuals and not just as worker bees?   If […]

Volunteers & The Head/Heart Connection

Think of your top volunteers – those people who are committed, consistent and always willing to serve.  What attracted them to serve at your organization?  Was it your sign-up sheet?  Nah.  Maybe it was your training process.  Hmmm…that doesn’t seem right either.  Even without knowing anything about your organization, I feel safe in guessing that […]

7 Ways to Improve Volunteer Communication

Sneezing, the sniffles, a persistent cough…these are all symptoms of an underlying infection.  Coming in late, not being able to answer a visitor’s questions, chatting with a friend instead of helping people find a seat…these are all symptoms of something as well.  In my experience as a volunteer and as a volunteer leader, these symptoms […]