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A strong volunteer program increases your church’s ability to have a greater impact, develop disciples, and build a leadership pipeline.

Communication, Leadership, & Hair on Fire…

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dave Shrein on the Church Marketing Podcast.  Dave and I met via Twitter and have enjoyed discussing the unique challenges and opportunities involved in church communication, planning, leading volunteers, and more. Here are several highlights from the podcast: Should church ever be run like a business? Should we […]

Equipping the Saints for Ministry

As a writer for the Worship Facilities website, I was invited to attend the WFX conference in Dallas recently to cover the event. It was a great opportunity to meet church leaders from around the country and hear from insightful presenters. While I attended a variety of sessions with topics ranging from staff development to […]

How to “fire” a church volunteer

One question I frequently receive when talking about recruiting and retaining church volunteers is what to do about a volunteer who isn’t working out.  In other words, how do I “fire” a volunteer?  This is obviously a delicate situation and needs to be handled with great care. This individual is donating his time and efforts; […]

Are you wasting your talent?

One of the cool things about my job is that I get to talk with leaders from a variety of churches.  In talking with a pastor last week, we got on the subject of high-performing members of his congregation.  These are folks with specialized skill-sets. Many of them either have their own business or are […]