Volunteer Essentials

A strong volunteer program increases your church’s ability to have a greater impact, develop disciples, and build a leadership pipeline.

Why Volunteers Quit

Before we moved, I attended the same church for about 13 years. I started serving early on by passing the offering bucket each week and then became a greeter. Eventually, church staff asked me to take on a few leadership roles. Volunteering at my church helped me connect with my church family. I made several […]

Stop Global Pew Warming

Do you sit in the same spot every week at church and get mad if someone “takes your spot”? Do you not talk to anyone at church outside of the awkward, “Meet someone new and give high-fives” time after worship?  Is Sunday morning the only time you see members of your church? I hate to […]

Communication, Leadership, & Hair on Fire…

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dave Shrein on the Church Marketing Podcast.  Dave and I met via Twitter and have enjoyed discussing the unique challenges and opportunities involved in church communication, planning, leading volunteers, and more. Here are several highlights from the podcast: Should church ever be run like a business? Should we […]

Equipping the Saints for Ministry

As a writer for the Worship Facilities website, I was invited to attend the WFX conference in Dallas recently to cover the event. It was a great opportunity to meet church leaders from around the country and hear from insightful presenters. While I attended a variety of sessions with topics ranging from staff development to […]

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