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Top 5 Posts of 2015

As I’m considering my goals for 2016 and how best to serve the church, I’m taking a look back at the most popular posts from 2015.  Sometimes reflecting on what’s working provides great input on what to continue or improve upon.  Whether you’re seeing these for the first time or they’re already familiar to you, […]

What To Do When Tragedy Strikes

The horrific events in Paris over the weekend, continued tragedy in war-torn regions of the world, political and social unrest, and more have flooded the headlines and broken our hearts. There are so many questions that run through our minds in times like this… How could this happen? Why would people commit such evil acts? […]

Someone Has to Hold the Spotlight

[guestpost]This is a guest post by Kevin Buchanan.  He is a writer, speaker, and goal coach. His message centers around the unwavering truth that your life matters. Check out his site,, to learn more about his work, coaching, and upcoming book.[/guestpost] In today’s society, we tend to praise those who are in the spotlight. The […]

Please Take My 2015 Reader Survey

I want to make sure I’m providing you with the information, tips, tools, and more that will help you become even more effective in ministry. In order to make that happen, I need to get to know you through this reader survey. Would you please take a few minutes to complete the survey? The information you […]

Practicing what I preach

I’m definitely an advocate for taking vacation, getting rest, and taking care of yourself. Well, it’s time for me to do what I recommend you do. My husband and I are taking some time off. We’re staying close to home and will rest, enjoy time with family, and be a little lazy (hey, it’s vacation – […]

5 Tips to Prevent Ministry Burnout

You went into ministry with a passion to serve people and lead them to Christ. You knew that would require diligent work and would likely involve some heartache. We live in a messy, fallen world so dealing with people in their mess and helping them get out of it isn’t an easy endeavor. Working with […]

3 Keys to Thriving in Ministry

Ministry is messy – even in the back-office. Most people think of stretching ministry experiences involving leading a small group or praying with people at the altar as the most challenging.   However, those of us who have worked in the back-office know that administration is not always smooth sailing either. Administrators are often the ones […]