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Top 5 Event Registration Tools

When it comes to planning church events, long gone are the days of handwritten signup sheets and manually entering attendees into databases. With the use of online forms, you can now refocus your church’s attention to creating an impactful event for guests. So if you’re gearing up for your next planning session, first check out […]

How to Gather Feedback from Volunteers

For most nonprofit and church organizations, recruiting volunteers is crucial to the success of your mission. Though a lot of time and money go into this recruitment process, it’s not always enough to keep those volunteers helping long term. It’s a discouraging challenge I see so often in church environments. Learning how to gather feedback […]

5 Life Lessons I Learned on Vacation

My husband and I recently returned from our summer vacation. We visited family and then went to a beachside resort.   We came home with decent tans, a few souvenirs, and lots of fun memories. If you haven’t taken a vacation yet this summer, I highly recommend it. Whether you go out of town or not, […]

Hope Regardless of the Circumstances

I had something else planned to post today. It was something fairly light-hearted but hopefully still helpful as I just returned home from vacation. However, as I’ve watched the news the last few days and with the events in Baton Rouge on Sunday, I felt the need to share something different. I don’t often comment […]

Have you hit pause lately?

I’m not an early adopter when it comes to technology (I suppose I’ve been burned by too many tech projects gone awry), so it wasn’t too long ago when I first used the pause button to pause a live show. Yeah, I’m also a bit frugal so I didn’t pay for a DVR for a […]

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