Church Vision

Vision inspires, aligns, focuses, and helps your team stay on-track.

Heart Check Questions to Prevent Ministry Burnout

The first step in growing your church while preventing burnout is conducting a heart check. Not your physical heart, although if you’re really burned out that may not be a bad idea. I’m talking about your emotional, spiritual heart. What’s motivating you? What’s motivating within the context of church can get complicated. We’re working to […]

What is essential?

Have you ever been really stressed out? At the end of your rope, snapping at those you love, not sleeping because there’s too much on your mind, grabbing quick meals on the go? Yeah, me too. Not long ago I was in one of those stress cycles. Working long hours, trying to sell my house, […]

At the center of it all is…

There’s plenty of debate going on lately. We’re in an election cycle, so of course we have lots of back-and-forth between candidates at the moment. But that’s not the kind of debate I’m referring to. I’m referring to the ongoing debates about how we do church and what is (or should be) at the center […]

Protecting the Vision Webinar

As someone in an Executive Pastor (or similar) role, you’re supporting and propelling the ministry vision of your Senior Pastor.  As your team moves forward with developing new programs, hosting various events, and more, one thing that could derail all that progress is risk. We’ve all heard about or read the news stories of churches […]

Beware of the Pastoral Pedestal

Recently, we’ve seen the headlines of yet another high-profile pastor resigning due to sin that rendered him unable to continue leading a church. When this happens, we wonder what went wrong. What was the path that eventually led to his downfall and how can that be avoided? We also think of the fallout and aftermath […]

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