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Get the behind-the-scenes stuff running efficiently to support the vision of your church.

Overcoming Discouragement from Behind-the-Scenes

When you mostly work behind-the-scenes, it’s hard to tell if your efforts are making a difference.  You’re leading teams to ensure that donations are recorded, volunteers are trained, services run smoothly, and much more. As a result, you may not get to see the front-line impact you’re having on people.  That can make the difficult […]

5 Ways Project Management Can Make Your Job Easier

Project management is a term we don’t use much in ministry.  It sounds very corporate-y, so it tends to be tossed aside.  However, after using project management principles in both corporate and church environments, I can personally attest to it’s usefulness. Projects such as launching a ministry program, hosting a conference, or starting a new […]

4 Ways to Cultivate Leaders on Your Team

A significant aspect of leading your church involves cultivating the next generation of leaders within your staff.  As the church grows, your ability to directly impact individuals in the congregation is reduced.  You can’t talk to every person or conduct every hospital visit.  You have to depend on your staff to handle some of these […]

4 More Ways to Increase Team Productivity

When you’re trying to do more with the same amount of resources, productivity is an important topic.  In addition to the tips I listed in my last post, here are four more ways to increase your team’s productivity: #1: Reiterate the vision constantly It’s easy to get sucked into the day-to-day tasks and forget why […]

4 Ways to Increase Team Productivity

One of the challenges in ministry is that there’s always more work to do – and it’s unlikely that you can hire a small army anytime soon.  So, to assist you in dealing with that challenge, here are a few practical tips to help your team be even more productive: #1: Move electronic files onto […]

The Church Staff & Christmas Dilemma

We all know that Christmas and Easter are times when people who typically don’t come to church will make the effort to attend a service.  This provides a great opportunity to minister to people who are missing family, thinking they should raise their children in church, or are looking for hope.  I’m sure your staff […]

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