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Get the behind-the-scenes stuff running efficiently to support the vision of your church.

Read a Book During Your Coffee Break

We’ve all heard the saying that “Leaders are readers.” If you’re constantly pouring out what you know without taking in new material, your well of knowledge will eventually run dry. It’s not hard to convince people they should read more books; the challenge is finding the time. The folks at Ministry Library have created a […]

4 Productivity Tools You’ll Love

When you work behind-the-scenes in the church office, you’ve got plenty of plates spinning. Coordinating events, fixing a website issue, designing a flyer for the next outreach, plus a ton of other tasks are all in a day’s work. While I can’t reduce the length of your to-do list, I can recommend the following productivity […]

The Untapped Power of Clear Expectations

It’s frustrating when you expect one thing and get another, right? Your volunteers didn’t handle children’s check-in how you needed them to or an employee totally misses what you’d intended for him to accomplish. What went wrong in those moments? Maybe your volunteers didn’t understand the instructions or your employee misinterpreted what you said. Regardless […]