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Get the behind-the-scenes stuff running efficiently to support the vision of your church.

Interpreters Needed: How to Communicate Administration Principles to Non-Administrative Individuals

Purchase requests, planning, job descriptions, registration forms, and more.  These are part of a church administrator’s regular vocabulary, however, your non-administrative team members may feel like you’re speaking a foreign language.  In working with church staff, I’ve noticed (and often felt) the tension between visionary or creative personalities and administrators.  If you’ve ever been told […]

Technology isn’t the Answer

Now, don’t get me wrong here – I like technology.  My degree is in Computer Information Systems and my iPhone is my other “brain,” so I’m not a technophobe.  It also drives me nuts when organizations don’t update their accounting software for five years (but that’s another post).  However, new technology (no matter how sophisticated) […]

3 Ways HR Supports the Vision

This post is part of a series addressing how behind-the-scenes processes can either propel or derail the vision of your organization.  Click here for the introduction to this series. Hiring practices, interviews, employee handbooks, HR policies, job descriptions and employee evaluations…these are probably not on your “favorite things to think about” list.  However, if you’ve […]

Vision and Turn-by-Turn Directions

This post is part of a series addressing how behind-the-scenes processes can either propel or derail the vision of your organization.  Click here for the introduction to this series and here for last week’s post. I have a confession to make…I’m directionally challenged.  I’ve moved around the country a bit, but eventually ended up near […]

What’s on your calendar?

This time of year, most non-profits are in overdrive providing meals, toys, shelter and support for the holiday season.  You’re swamped and stretched pretty thin, so planning for the upcoming year may not be your top priority.  However, January will be here before you know it and you’ll want to start off the year ahead […]

Just Say “No”…to meetings

How many meetings do you attend each week? Is your calendar booked solid with back-to-back meetings?  If so, I have a question for you: Is your presence absolutely necessary for each of those meetings?  Now, I’m not suggesting that you don’t have something valuable to contribute.  However, your time and energy might be better spent […]