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3 Signs Your Church is Too Busy

Reaching people for Christ is our main mission in ministry and most churches use a variety of methods to attract a diverse audience.  That makes sense and yet if we’re not careful, this can lead to a scattered approach that drains your people and church finances. Then once a program or event is in-place, it […]

7 Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say

Beyond communicating strategic direction, imparting vision, and assigning projects, there are more everyday things that your team needs to hear from you. Fair warning: Some of these conversation starters are awkward and require you to be vulnerable with your team.  Hey, no one said leadership would be easy, right?  I challenge you to go ahead […]

How to Launch a Risk Management Program

“What event might occur that could take out our church?”  Drop that question at the next staff meeting and you’ll feel the tone of the room take a nose-dive. No one likes to talk about the bad things that could happen within or to our churches. Unfortunately, this is an important issue that we must […]

Warning: You Might Be an Accidental Hypocrite

Some moments stay permanently lodged in your brain.  In fact, I still remember the layout of the room we were in for the celebration. The speaker started off with a few comments about the organization and its core values.  One of those values included the concept of maintaining balance between work and personal lives. After […]

Nonprofits Serving Together

After seeing the tornado damage on the news and hearing how so many nonprofits are working together to serve the people impacted, I had to do something.  I wanted to help and to see for myself how things were going.  So on Monday I went to Shawnee, OK with a group of volunteers from Guts […]

Leaders Listen for the Train

My first day on the job was fairly typical.  I got my badge, computer and was getting things setup in my new work area when a loud noise took me by surprise.  Now, if I had been working on the first floor then a loud honk or noise wouldn’t be unusual.  However, I was on […]

Leading through Rapid Growth

We’re all seeking to grow the reach and capabilities of our organizations.  That’s a good thing! However, have you considered what might happen if you grow too quickly?  I recently wrote this post for the Lead Change Group’s blog and wanted to share it with you.  The Lead Change Group was launched by Mike Henry […]

‘Fire, Ready, Aim!’ No More

Warning to visionary and creative individuals: You may not like this post.  In fact, you probably already don’t like it just after reading the title!  Here’s the deal: I’m really not trying to pick on you. I’m trying to help you take your incredible ideas from concept to reality in the most expedient and least […]