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COVID-19 Reopening Insights

Scott Baker is the Executive Pastor of The Bridge in Bixby, Oklahoma. VMM did consulting work for The Bridge in 2014 and has kept in contact with Scott ever since. The Bridge has worked diligently to reopen carefully as their community leaders lifted COVID-19 restrictions.  In an interview for The Church Operations Toolkit, we discussed […]

How to Reopen Church Amid COVID-19

How to reopen church amid COVID-19

As governmental authorities issue guidance for the gradual reopening during this pandemic, there’s a lot to consider for how to safely reopen our churches. While no one has a perfect answer, there are several organizations who are thinking through the variables and offering potential solutions. Some of the areas to consider when planning to reopen […]

Coronavirus Resources for Church Leaders

Coronavirus Resources for Church Leaders

With the Coronavirus pandemic dominating news headlines, church leaders are in the trenches of deciding how best to respond. Understandably, there’s a lot of focus on large gatherings and how to reduce the spread of the virus.  Thankfully, there are several resources available to help church leaders make wise choices. Below are a handful of […]

How to Turn Vision into Reality for Your Next Big Church Event

church event

Think of all the events hosted at your church each year: Easter Mother’s Day Father’s Day Summer Camp or VBS Back-to-School Bash Fall Festival Thanksgiving Outreach Christmas Plays and special services Community Outreaches Volunteer Appreciation Night Marriage Weekend Financial Seminars Small Group Launch …and more Now, think back to the week before these events.  What […]

Preventing Child Abuse in Your Church

As a pastor, you genuinely care about your congregation and community.  You’ve worked hard to earn their trust. You want people to feel welcome at church, to know they’re valued, to grow in their relationship with Christ, and to be safe.  This certainly includes the littlest members of your congregation. You want children, and their […]

How to Host a High-Impact Easter on a Budget

Easter Budget

We’re less than a month away from the Lenten season and we’ve got Easter on the mind. As Christians, this is the holiday that celebrates the resurrection and redeeming love of our Lord, and it isn’t something we take lightly. Yet when it comes to Easter Sunday, the most well-attended Sunday church service of the […]

Planning an Event? Save Time With this Hack

Is planning events for your church the ONLY responsibility in your job description?  Probably not.  That means you don’t have any time to spare when it comes to planning the next event. In order to have a successful event, you need to determine what tasks your team must complete for everything to go well on […]

Christmas is Coming – Are You Ready?

It’s almost the end of October…Do you know what you’re doing for Christmas services?  If not, or if you haven’t made as much progress as you’d like, then I have something that can help. I wrote the Christmas Planning Quick Start Guide to help you walk through the process of planning Christmas services with your […]

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