Are You Sure Your Team Will Last Another Year?

“We’re doing way too much by the seat of our pants and lots of last minute prayers.”

That’s a line I wrote in my journal when working in ministry.

I think those in leadership had good intentions. Bringing people to Christ fueled their efforts and drove them to push us all to do more. That passion can help a team accomplish incredible things and truly help people.

However, it can also drive a team into the ground.

More events.

More services.

More outreaches.

More campuses.

We seem to think by doing more we’ll have a greater impact. However, if we attempt to do more without considering the cost…without weighing the amount of additional work and resources that “more” will require…without planning ahead…we may end up having an impact we didn’t intend to have.

We’ll find ourselves exhausted, stressed out, and losing our passion for leading people to a relationship with Christ.

We’ll lose the respect and trust of our team members as we place more demands on them without offering any additional help.

We may even lose our own families as we neglect them to do more ministry.

Before you add anything to the church calendar, consider the cost.

Why should we do this?

Who on the team has the capacity to absorb this new project?

What will this take in money, hours, and effort to make happen?

Is there anything we should stop doing to make room for this effort?

Don’t add more for the sake of doing more. Only add when it truly is the best next step for your congregation (including your staff) and community.

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