An Executive Pastor’s Job Description

The role of an Executive Pastor can be a tricky one to define. It’s certainly not a new one, but it can look a bit different from church to church. Sometimes even, the XP role goes by a different moniker altogether, such as Operations Pastor, Administrative Pastor, or Director of Operations.  Whatever your church decides to call it, this role generally has main functions in overseeing staffing, facilities, finances, and making sure everything behind-the-scenes runs smoothly. This frees up the Senior Pastor to provide overall vision, church direction, and sermon preparation.

Because of its less obvious definition, I’ve seen a lot of requests lately in my Church Executive Administration & Operations Facebook Group to give an executive pastor’s job description. Thankfully, I knew just where to look to make sure I provided the best explanation possible.

If you’re wanting to define your church’s XP role, check out these sources below: 

  1. XPastor

XPastor, a resource for training executive church staff, offers several sample job descriptions from churches across the country. Filter by “Executive Pastor” to view. It’s founder, David Fletcher, also has a great post here regarding the history of the XP role and the various types of Executive Pastors.

  1. Executive Pastor Online

Here’s a preview of the Executive Pastor Online’s XP definition: “The Executive Pastor is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of church staff, leading all functional areas in the accomplishment of the church’s mission.” To learn more from Executive Pastor Kevin Stone on the XP’s essential job functions, keep reading

  1. Unseminary

Unseminary presents helpful tips and the value of job descriptions in this 2014 post “9 Lessons on Effective Church Job Descriptions (& 59 FREE Samples!)”. First, it answers why you should have job descriptions, and second, how to write them well. 

  1. 12Stone Church Resources

As the XP at 12Stone Church in Lawrenceville, Ga., Dan Reiland has years of experience in the duties of Executive Pastor. View his personal job description here and visit his blog for knowledge on developing great church leaders. 

An Executive Pastor is but one role of many that helps a church to successfully fulfill its mission. If you’re thinking of adding this key role to your church administrator staff, these four resources will give you a good starting point in developing your personal XP job description.