A Different Kind of Church App Company

Man looking at church app

One of the perks of my job is getting to meet new people who’re serving the church in innovative ways. I recently had a chance to talk with Jesse Stallone of OneAppWay, a new church app company that offers a few unique services at a competitive price. In this interview, we get a look at what led to the start of OneAppWay and what they offer the church.

VMM: What made you decide to provide apps for churches?


Two things helped us get to this point. One, on July 31, 2012, I was diagnosed with cancer and told that I had three months to live or five months with aggressive treatment. I took the aggressive treatment program at MD Anderson and I’m still here. MD Anderson has written one or two white papers on me and I believe students have been studying my tissues for the past eight years. During this time, I’ve had many people at our home church tell me, “It wasn’t your time” and “God has a plan for you” which I struggled with. I mean, I was a software guy, what would God do with me.

I wasn’t sure what I could do. One Sunday after a church service I were walking out bandaged up after another round of surgery and an older lady touched my arm. She said “Son, God won’t give you more that you can handle.” Everyone around me took a deep breath because they didn’t know how I would react. I looked at this Great-Grandmother and said, “Yes Ma’am, but I’m afraid that God thinks I’m John Wayne.” Everyone breathed a sign of relief and laughed. I mean really, at that point what else can you do but laugh.

More recently, my Mother called me and asked if I could help her church. COVID-19 had hit and they were an older congregation. They didn’t want to join Facebook or use Zoom; so, how were they going to be able to stay in touch with their Pastor and how was he going to be able to communicate with his members? I looked at our software product, InfoMark, and had an idea. I got several of our developers together and told them that we could use our powerful InfoMark product as a back-end to develop an app!

It worked! We made our first app for Grace Baptist Church and it took off from there. I believe that I finally figured out what it is that I can do to give back for all that has been done for me.

VMM: What makes OneAppWay different from other church app companies?

Jesse: We are able to use InfoMark technology to power our apps. Not only can a church have an Apple and Android app, but they also have access to our Alexa Skill, “The Mark.” They can have members of their congregation turn to their Alexa and say, “Alexa, tell The Mark to play GBCW” and they can hear Bro. Meredith’s latest sermon! They also have access to the InfoMark website where they can enter the code located at the bottom of every app and view all of the content found within the app. We found this has been useful for members who were reluctant to download and app, or didn’t have a smart phone, and didn’t want to miss out on their church activities.

VMM: How are you able to keep fees low?

Jesse: We’ve worked really hard to keep our overhead low and we had already spent the development cost over the past two years. It really worked out for us as far as time, people,  and development cost. I’m also very fortunate to work for a great CEO who believes that we are doing something with a purpose. We have other software activities that help us with our cost.

VMM: How tech-savvy does a church leader need to be to update their app?


Not much at all. If a person can create an email, attach a file to that email, and send the email, they are going to be able to add content to their app with ease! We have people using InfoMark and OneAppWay who range from their 20’s to the 70’s.

We’ve created the platform so that you can use the OneAppWay website to manage your app or you can manage the app on the go by downloading the InfoMark app to add, delete and update your app via your smartphone or tablet.

Many thanks to Jesse for taking the time for this interview. Tools such as online event registration, mobile apps, and social media can truly support ministry – especially as we continue to deal with the social distancing aspects of COVID-19. As you review the many options for church apps, OneAppWay is a company to consider.