7 Tools to Save Time on Church Administration Tasks

Time. It’s the most precious commodity yet the one we have the least of. That’s why saving time is a constant goal for church leaders with busy schedules. As I work with churches across the country, a question I hear often is how to free up time by streamlining administrative tasks. 

My answer: online management tools. 

If your church could benefit from a more streamlined approach to church administration tasks, these seven tools might just be YOUR answer, too. 

Church Facility Management Solutions (CFMS)

What it offers: A community of church facility managers (or others with facility management responsibilities), Church Facility Management Solutions offers weekly tips, monthly webinars, facility management resources, and more in the way of training, consultation, and staff development.

How it will save you time: Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, CFMS connects you with a group of professionals who will share their expertise and provide you with the shortcuts you need to take excellent care of your church facility. 

Cost: Free


What it offers: One of the most universally dreaded administrative tasks is dealing with expense reports. The founders at Expensify created a system that automates the receipt and expense management process through one-click receipt scanning, next-day reimbursement, auto approval workflow, and automatic accounting syncing.

How it will save you time: Automation always saves time. In fact, Expensify claims its service takes 83 percent less time than if you continued doing expense reports yourself. 

Cost: Packages are offered for individuals and sole proprietors as well as groups. Pricing ranges from $4.99 to $9 per month. 

Zoho Expense

What it offers: Like Expensify, Zoho Expense offers expense management through its tailor-made software that can automate expense report creation, streamline approvals, and make swift reimbursements. Its features also include the ability to reconcile corporate cards automatically, audit expense reports, and ensure policy compliance. 

How it will save you time: Forget the filing cabinets and a robust reporting system. Zoho Expense only requires a Smartphone with their app to get started simplifying and automating your church expenses.   

Cost: Free for a one-user plan, or $2.50 per month for each user under the Premium Plan. 


What it offers: A work management platform, Asana helps teams set goals, manage projects, and streamline daily tasks. Its web and mobile application capabilities also allow teams to create projects, assign work and deadlines, attach files, and view team-wide calendars. 

How it will save you time: When it comes to task management, Asana creates a step-by-step process and organizes all details of a job in one place. Since everyone can see who is assigned to certain tasks within your team, you’re less likely to have duplication of work and more likely to get deadlines met. 

Cost: Pricing ranges from free (for basic package) to $19.99 per month (per user) for businesses. 


What it offers: Basecamp offers comprehensive project management through online to-do lists, automatic overdue task followup, detailed project schedules, and much more. It also allows you to directly comment on specific tasks and lists. 

How it will save you time: Because Basecamp has an all-inclusive approach to its software, it replaces the need for other work management apps that pay per user. So not only will it save you time and energy with organizing your workload and automating administrative tasks, it will also eliminate the need to download and set up other management tools. 

Cost: $99 per month no matter your team size.

Ministry Library

What it offers: This workshop database offers a vast resource of online workshops you can go through with your team. Learn together with videos and downloadable materials without having to come up with training yourself.

How it will save you time: A subscription with Ministry Library means you no longer have to research books or look for materials on a topic your team needs to learn about. Do a quick search in Ministry Library, find the workshop you need, and watch it together at the next staff meeting. 

Cost: $348 when you pay for a full year; $49 per month for a month-to-month plan.

Big Event Success for Churches Course 

What it offers: This course includes a proven process for making events bigger, better, and more in line with a church’s specific goals. Each lesson covers a step in the church event planning process along with examples on how to apply it to your upcoming event.

How it will save you time: The course includes done-for-you templates and checklists plus videos to guide you through the planning process. 

Cost: Starting at $297.

Making sure all the little tasks are taken care of can be a big job in church management. Thankfully, these little things are easier than ever to complete with the help of tools that cater to the administrative workload. As you plan your Fall schedules this summer, take time to automate the small stuff now so you can spend more time on the big stuff later.