5 Ways Project Management Can Make Your Job Easier

lightstock_76403_small_user_1989356Project management is a term we don’t use much in ministry.  It sounds very corporate-y, so it tends to be tossed aside.  However, after using project management principles in both corporate and church environments, I can personally attest to it’s usefulness.

Projects such as launching a ministry program, hosting a conference, or starting a new outreach are in addition to the day-to-day responsibilities and can stretch your team to their limit.  The key to not wearing everyone out while delivering an excellent result is in planning and project management.

I’ll go into more details in future posts regarding how to use project management principles.  For now, I want to introduce you to the benefits you can reap from project management:

#1: Less rework

I call this “doing the work on paper before you do it in real life.” When you plan ahead, you get to think it through and make your mistakes on paper instead of in the heat of the moment when a deadline is looming in front of you.

#2: Increased excellence

It’s hard to go the extra mile when you’re already tapped out.  Planning ahead and carefully managing the plan gives you margin.  You can use that margin to do the extra things that take your event over the top and really deliver for your congregation.

#3: Increased ability to deliver on-time and within budget

When it’s down to the wire and it just has to get done, you’re more likely to feel justified in spending extra money to finish.  However, if you carefully plan the timeline and budget, you’re much less likely to have last-minute emergencies.

#4: Reduced risk

Part of the planning process involves considering the risks involved in the event or new program.  You may need to purchase liability insurance for the event or make contingency plans in case of bad weather.

#5: Greater freedom for creativity

Now, planning doesn’t sound like it would allow for creativity but hear me out.  When you plan ahead and allow for margin within your timeline, you can create room for brainstorming sessions and a few iterations of creative concepts.  You can’t let the creatives on your team tweak the graphics or décor forever, but you should give them enough time to really come up with their best work.

This is just an initial taste of what project management can do for your team.  I’ll provide you with more benefits in my next post, but for now let this stir up some ideas on how planning ahead can help your team.

How do you plan for new events or programs?